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Recover deleted files on your mobile device for free

Recover deleted files on your mobile device for free

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Program license: Free

Program by: Defiant Technologies LLC

Version: 1.0-2022-09-16

Works under: Android


Program license

(30 votes)


Program by


Defiant Technologies LLC


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DiskDigger Undelete / Recover is an Android app that helps you overcome those accidental image file deletions.

DiskDigger Undelete / Recover, also known as DiskDigger Photo Recovery, is an app that can undelete photos and other images that you’ve accidentally deleted. The app is simple and intuitive, and that makes it a great option for casual users who’ve deleted a photo or a collection of photos by accident.

The app is free with an option to upgrade to a paid version. The free version undeletes JPG and PNG files. The paid version can undelete a lot more. In addition to multiple other image formats, it can undelete MS Office documents, music files, videos, compressed archives and others.

To search for deleted files, simply set the app to a particular directory, which can be the root of the device itself or an SD card. Note that the analysis engine is quite slow. Therefore, if you have an idea of where the images in question were located, it’s best to pinpoint within the folder hierarchy as deep as possible in order to speed up the process.

If your Android device isn’t rooted, then DiskDigger Undelete / Recover performs a limited scan that encompasses caches and thumbnails. If the device is rooted, then it will search the device’s memory as well. Note that recovery is time-sensitive, so the sooner you act after the image has been deleted, the better your chances are that you’ll be able to recover it.

For each deleted photo found, the app provides you with an image preview in addition to a filename and other file information. You can then choose whether to recover that photo. You can recover photos to anywhere on the device itself, including an SD card. You can also recover to email, via an FTP server and via cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.


  • Undelete photos
  • Photo preview


  • Slow analysis
  • Full feature set requires root access